Granite Countertop Install Tips And Tricks

Dated: 02/05/2015

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Today I watched granite countertops get installed for the very first time and it was quite interesting to watch! A few important things about the installation... always make sure the surface is level. If you noticed a slightly uneven space, use some wood shims to stick between the cabinets and the granite. These will stay there permanently so just be sure to cut them so they do not show. Always note gravity is your friend! The granite pretty much just sits atop the cabinets, no major adhesive necessary except a little caulk for a finishing touch where the cabinet meets the granite.

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If you need to make holes for your faucet or soap dispenser always make sure to constantly feed water into the area your are drilling for a nice smooth cut. A cool trick the installers did today was completely tape around the area to be drilled to serve as a "reservoir" for the water build up!

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