5 Hot Bathroom Trends To Potentially Avoid In Your New Jersey Home

Dated: 10/09/2017

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Finally! Time for your New Jersey home’s bathroom makeover! Pinterest-fueled fever dreams of fabulous bathrooms fill your nights, while days fly by filled with fluttering pages of home design magazines.  Hot idea after hot idea after---WHOA!  Slow down there for a second! If you have any of the below 5 bathroom design elements in mind, before you hit Home Depot Team Nest Builder recommends you read on to know what you’re really signing up for:

Before you touch that bathroom remodel, read this!

Intricately-Patterned Tiny Tiles

So bohemian, so fresh-looking — and, yet, retro. Every time you see a shower, vanity, or entire bath with those (gorgeous!) mosaics of tiny colored tiles, you get giddy with anticipation for your remodel.

Reconsider because....There’s a reason tiny tiles disappeared over the past few decades in favor of larger ones. They’re a friggin’ pain.  Those tiny tiles mean there’s more grout to clean and maintain.  Still gotta have tiny tiles? Use them as an accent, maybe on the wall around your vanity, or anywhere they won’t get as wet as they would on the floor, or in your tub, shower, or sink.

Vintage Storage Furniture

Nothing says you like skipping the big-box vanity options in favor of a thrift-store find you refinished yourself.  Character and charm that’s practically free! What’s not to love?!

Reconsider because...It’s a real commitment — on your (personal) time.  Huh? Yep. Since wood and water don’t mix well, you’ll need to keep doing upkeep, sealing it on a regular basis, just like a deck or a butcher block. Still gotta have that vintage piece? Give it better odds of beating its natural enemy, water, by replacing the top with marble or quartz.

Hardwood Floors

Wood’s so warm and inviting. Not as slippery or grout dependent as tile. Plus, you love the look of dark-wood floors with white fixtures.

Reconsider because...Hardwood floors next to a shower or tub warp if not dried after each and every use.  And tile gets bonus points for being more sanitary.  Still want the warmth of wood? Check out “wood-look” tile, a ceramic that looks like wood, but performs like porcelain.

Exposed Plumbing

It looks so Parisian! And so easy to fix if there’s a leak!

Reconsider because...This could be a turn-off to future New Jersey home buyers, especially ones toting toddlers, who may imagine their adorable offspring climbing the pipes … the pipes come crashing down … water everywhere … and a trip to the ER. You get the (wet and $$$$) picture.   Still gotta have the exposed-pipe look? Go for it. It’s your home, and that’s the point. You should enjoy it. Especially if you’re going to be around for the foreseeable future.

Anything-But-White Tubs and Sinks

You’re screaming for COLOR! No plain white bathtub for you. No, sir-reeee.  Color has slowly been creeping back into bathrooms since it retreated after the pastel-infused ‘50s (think pink and aqua sinks).

Reconsider because...Color can also make bathrooms — typically the smallest rooms in the house — seem even smaller. And if you bake color in with tile and porcelain built-ins, that’s a commitment you might regret when you’re ready to sell.  Potential buyers may not want your color, nor the expense of replacing it. Still determined to go wildly colorful? Paint the walls, or go for a colored linoleum floor that can be changed easily and cheaply.

Source:  Houselogic.com, Scott Sowers

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