Here Is A Rare Look At A Collasped DBox In A Septic System

Dated: 12/26/2014

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We were not expecting any problems with this routine septic inspection for a 17 year old home.  And then the images sent by the camera that the inspector placed in the outflow pipe of the main tank revealed some "mud" in the D-box.  That lead to 90 mins of hand digging by the inspector and his helper.  And that lead to the discovery you see here.

The sellers had no problems with the system while they occupied the home.  And, the fact that there was so much damage done to this box likely done early in the life of the system might actually mean much longer life left in the distribution field (located beyond the D-box) for the new owners since it is possible the the grey water passing through it over time never made it to the field.    

But discoveries like this are why it is wise for buyer's to exercise their right to do an open pit septic test under the home inspection contingency of a purchase contract.  No one anticipated a defect with this system.  It can happen to anyone though.

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