Check Out These 7 Benefits Of Living In A 55 Plus Adult Community

Dated: 07/01/2019

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Today’s 55+ retirement communities offer independent living, age-restricted residences for those who want to downsize and live a more maintenance–free lifestyle. These communities shouldn’t be confused with nursing homes or assisted living facilities. Many times, older adults move to these communities when their spouses pass away;  when they’re recently retired; when their family home feels too large to manage; or when they’re simply planning for a new chapter in their life. Are you or someone you know ready for the 55+ community life?

Here, Team Nest Builder outlines 7 benefits of living in a 55+ community, using Seasons at Sparta, an adult rental community in the heart of Sparta, NJ, as an example:

Active, Social Living

Staying active means being social, even if you aren’t doing a strenuous physical activity. Specific health benefits associated with staying active and social in a 55+ community include:

  • Reducing the risk for cardiovascular problems, rheumatoid arthritis, some cancers and osteoporosis

  • Increasing longevity

  • Reducing the risk of stroke

  • Boosting one’s immune system

  • Encouraging good eating and exercising habits

  • Lessening the risk for Alzheimer’s disease

  • Lowering blood pressure

  • Lessening the possibility of mental health issues such as loneliness and depression

Seasons at Sparta offers a billiards room, media room and meeting room for shared activities in order to keep residents social and engaged, and is close to the Sparta Senior Center which offers a wide array of group excursions and events.

Sense Of Community

One of the main differences between living in a 55+ community and a typical stand-alone residential neighborhood is the sense of community, which greatly influences a person’s well-being and quality of life.  Adults living in these types of communities tend to know their neighbors well and quite often have the same goal of creating lasting memories together.  Seasons at Sparta residents report, “The people are the best!” and “My neighbors are great--I love living here!”

Maintenance-Free Living

When many people think of “maintenance-free” living, they think that only includes snow/leaf removal and basic lawn care. However, in 55+ communities, maintenance typically includes all exterior building maintenance including streets, sidewalks, roofs and driveways, as well as interior repairs on major appliances and exterior repairs to roofing, downspouts and more!

Special Design

55+communities are designed with older adults in mind, resulting in the reduced risk of falls, and easy evacuation in the case of emergency. Seasons at Sparta offers wider doorways and accessible bathroom features, and is an elevator building that allows residents to retrieve mail, do laundry and dispose of trash without having to set foot outside the building.

Convenient Location

Location is extremely important, as it’s not only vital to individuals who prefer walking or taking public transportation instead of driving, but it also allows residents to maintain a sense of autonomy by being able to complete these tasks without assistance. Season at Sparta is located in the center of town, across from the Sparta Wellness Center, and close to Stop & Shop, banks, the Sparta library, the Sparta Athletic Club, the Sparta Senior Center, the movie theater, and much more. 

Safety And Security

55+ communities such as Seasons at Sparta tend to provide extra security measures including:

  • Lighted parking lots, sidewalks, streets and common walkways

  • Well-lit common areas

  • Working fire alarms and smoke detectors

  • Emergency evacuation maps posted

  • Clearly-marked exit doors

Downsizing On Your Own Terms

“Why did I wait so long to move here?” is a phrase 55+ residents often utter after moving to a retirement community. Waiting too long to move out of your house may result in a more stressful move to an assisted living center because of a hospitalization or crisis situation. Making the move on your own terms, at your own pace, puts you in control of what your future looks like and where you want to spend it.

Ready to check out a 55+ community? Don’t wait! Seasons at Sparta currently has TWO 1-bedroom apartments available. Click HERE for more info on apartment 108, and HERE for more info on apartment 106 , then call Team Nest Builder’s Glenn Garafola at 973-224-2700 to schedule a tour! 

Additional Source:  Mount Joy Country Homes

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