HEPA And Your Home

Dated: 01/11/2017

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You’ve probably heard the term “HEPA” bandied about increasingly in past years, but do you know what it could mean for you and your home? “HEPA” stands for High-efficiency particulate arrestance (air filter). Simply put, HEPA home units clean the air in your home. “But why would I need that?” you ask, “I live in Northern New Jersey, not downtown L.A.!” While you may not battle smog, and you may dust religiously, dust remains in your home and . Pet dander, mold spores, soot, pollen, tiny pieces of fiberglass insulation, mites, paper fibers and more lurk within the dust in your home, and you’re breathing it all in. This nasty combination not only triggers allergic reactions and takes up residence in your lungs, it also messes with your home electronic equipment.

HEPA benefits

Deal Me In!

Convinced? Great! Before you run to your nearest Home Depot, here’s a few considerations in selecting your HEPA home unit:

  1. How big is the space you want to clean? When comparing HEPA home units, you’ll notice most list a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR). To determine the CADR you need, just divide the square footage of the space you want cleaned by 1.5. (Or multiply the CADR by 1.5 to determine the space for which it works.)

  2. What level of noise can I tolerate? Online customer reviews generally provide sound input.

  3. Does it offer 3 stages of filtration? To really do the job right, your HEPA home unit should offer a pre-filter (to trap larger nastiness within your dust), a carbon filter (for odors) and the HEPA filter (to finish off the remaining smaller dust particles). Pay attention to the cost of the HEPA replacement filter as you’ll replace it every 12-16 months.

Got Guidance?

For your HEPA home unit, expect to fork over anywhere from $150.-$1000. Whirlpool, Winix, Fellowes, and Honeywell offer solid, lower-priced models while BlueAir models hit the higher-end in terms of technology and price. 

So, do your research, pick your HEPA, and breathe easy knowing you’re doing right by your home!

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