Introducing Pantones 2017 Color Into Your New Morris Sussex County Home

Dated: 01/23/2017

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You’ve purchased your new Morris or Sussex County home. Next, it’s time to put your personal stamp on it. The possibilities seem endless, so where do you start? How about with Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year: Greenery?

Introducing Pantones 2017 Color Into Your New Morris Sussex County Home

The 411

Each year, Pantone LLC (a world-famous authority on color) selects one symbolic Color of the Year that they feel represents a “color snapshot of what (they) see taking place in our global culture”. Their decision impacts fashion, interior design, product package design and more.

Why Greenery?

A “zesty yellow-green”, the 2017 selection symbolizes the “reconnection we seek with nature, each other, and a larger purpose.”

It’s Not Easy Being Green

While you may agree with what Greenery symbolizes, integrating this bold color into your new home can seem intimidating. Not yet ready to go full-on Kermit the frog floor-to-ceiling? Then consider these fun ways to incorporate Greenery without going overboard:

  • Accent Wall:  Painting one wall versus all four allows for experimentation without full commitment. Visit Pantone's website for a broad range of complementary colors.

  • Furniture:  Purchase a statement piece in Greenery, or buy a staple gun and upholstery fabric and update an old piece.

  • Pillows/Throws:  Collect a range of pillows featuring various textures and Greenery used in both small and large prints for a look that’s casual yet pulled together. Less committal? Go for a cashmere throw.

  • Pictures/Paintings:  Seek out and group pictures and paintings that feature touches of Greenery. DIYer? Simply paint, stencil or stamp cheap canvas boards, then frame and hang.

  • Vases/Candleholders:  The easiest way to dip your toe into the green water? Small, useful accessories that can easily be switched out.  Mix sizes and patterns for added interest.

Most of all, remember to have fun going green! It’s YOUR new Morris or Sussex County home in the end.

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