Look For Signs Of Ice Damning In The Homes You Are Viewing This Week

Dated: 03/08/2015

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This is a great time to be a home buyer in northern NJ.  Yes, it's more generally more fun to look at new homes on a sunny spring or summer day when the grass is green and flowers are in full bloom.  But this is a great time to get out there and see how a property you might consider is holding up under tougher weather conditions.  Inclement weather usually tests most residential properties.  And the past few weeks of prolonged freezing temperatures and heavy snow fall will now be followed by a prolonged "thaw" with sunny day time temps into the 40's.  So many homes are falling victim to ice damning and rapid snow melt run-off water issues.  

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Here is a home where the owners are attempting to control or prevent ice damning.   This is NOT necessarily a "bad" thing.  Just a good indicator of maintenance needed for a future owner to prevent ice damning episodes in the future.  So there are real advantages to shopping for a home at this time of the year.

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